Terms of Service & User Agreement

Terms of Service

Welcome to the MingleBoard. An app that will help you connect with millions of people across the world having similar interests. We believe that everyone must have the power to create and share knowledge, ideas and information easily, without much effort. MingleBoard helps attend events, seminars, meetups and festivals happening around you, hence you will never miss out anything interesting. In order to protect the users and for their safety purposes, there are certain limitations for the users of MingleBoard app regards to the type of content and behaviour that is allowed. The limitations are set forth in the MingleBoard Terms of Service below.

The terms of service along with all the incorporated policies, collectively make a ‘MingleBoard User Agreement’ which governs users’ access and the services by MingleBoard.

Mingleboard app aims to connect people of the same interest and help them to evolve. The use of the terms ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘people’ and ‘user’ refers to the users of all the individual users of our app. Any organization or person or employee using the app on behalf of the organization is also bound by all our policies.

Your utilization/activities of the platform signify that you are completely agreeing to this agreement. If you are using the Platform for an organization, you agree to this agreement. If you are using the platform on behalf or for an organization, then you agree to this agreement on behalf of your organization you represent. You are responsible and represent you have a complete authority or fully authorized to bind that organization to the Terms of this agreement. In case you are in power of or are not able to agree to this Terms of Agreement, do not use our app.

All the users of MingleBoard app must adhere to the Policies. Failure to do so may result in us taking one or more of the following enforcement actions:

  • Necessitating you to remove prohibited content or an event to resume your services further.
  • Temporarily limiting your ability to post or interaction with other users.
  • Asking you to verify account ownership with a phone number or Email address.
  • In worse cases, suspending your account(s) permanently, in case you attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend all the new accounts without any prior notice to you.

We may or may not change the terms of service from time to time and we hold every right to do so.

1.0 Content guidelines and policies
1.1 Cognitive aspects

Trademark: We reserve all rights to temporarily deactivate or suspend MingleBoard accounts, we are also in power to take other appropriate action when any brand or trademark, which includes name or the business and/or logo, is used in a manner that may mislead and/or sponsorship and/or create confusion about the brand affiliation.

Please note that we only investigate and process requests that are submitted by the authorised trademark holder. We review reports and do the needful as follows:

  • In case we determine that there is a violation of our trademark policy, we can suspend the account without any prior notice or notification. However, in some instances, we may give the user an opportunity to undo any unauthorised activity or comply with our policies before suspending the account.
  • In case any third party report we may also provide the user with your name and other information included in the copy of the report submitted by an end user.
  • If you would like to report any trademark violation in events created on MingleBoard, please confirm with respective brand Trademark policy.
  • Referencing others’ trademark is not automatically a violation of MingleBoard Trademark Policy. However, the use of a trademark in a way that is outside the scope of the registration (e.g territory, or goods and services identified in the registration).
  • Other fair use of trademark and Nominative uses are protected users under our trademark policy, as long as the account is clearly distinguished from the trademark owner, including certain regions and accounts engaging in comments or news or events.
1.2 Unlawful use

You as a user of MingleBoard must not use our app service for any unlawful purposes or in furtherance of illegal activities. By using MingleBoard, you directly agree to comply with all applicable laws governing your online conduct and content.

1.3 Distribution of hacked information/data

We do not permit anyone to use our services to directly or indirectly distribute content obtained through any form of hacking that contains personally identifiable information, which may put people or any organization in imminent harm or danger, or contains trade secrets or users’ critical details. Any type of hacked distribution of hacked materials includes posting it in any form or format or linking to the hacked content hosted on other websites.

1.4 Mingles (Events)

Each member of MingleBoard is eligible to create a Mingle (event) of any type (Here the type of event must follow Political, Ethnic and Cultural laws and rules of the respective countries). While creating the event, the user needs to provide specific details and location; in case of the venue change, the event is cancelled or any other event related things the event creator is recommended to update the participants. We, as a creator of the app, do not take any responsibility for any event.

As a matter of fact, we want events to support healthy discussions and knowledge sharing. Events along with the creator of an event may be removed from MingleBoard app which:

  • Contains profanity or graphics/adult references.
  • Incite hate on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, disability, gender identity or disease
  • Any post, events or video content shared or uploaded through our services which include the unauthorised third-party advertising or sponsorship without prior consent.
  • In case of the misuse of MingleBoard badges, including but not limited to promoted or verified badged, unless provided by MingleBoard.
  • Using unauthorised badges as a part of sponsorship or partnership in profile photos, header photos, display names or any way that falsely implies affiliation with MingleBoard or authorization from MingleBoard to display these badges, may be suspended.
  • We may prevent certain mingles or event content that violates any of MingleBoard rules, as well as events created to manipulate existing events or includes any type of false information.
1.5 Manage Circles (Interests) and Mingles (Events):
  • No Interest or inner circle has membership criteria for their own interest, however, there are certain interests bound by the countries’ legal department (), not every inner circle or interest is for you. For a specific Interest or inner circle which is not present in the current version of the app, you can contact us with your interest and details related to it under “Request Feature” option.
  • Organisers (Mingle owner) or event (mingle) creators may or may not charge fees for events(mingles). (It completely depends on the organiser and in such cases, we are not going to handle any queries related to the payment)
  • While using the Mingleboard app, you will get a chance to meet real people and you will be part of physical events, which can sometimes lead to an unexpected situation. We, as a Mingleboard app owner does not have any control over what happens in the real world, and we are not responsible for that.
  • The user needs to inquire about the events directly to the organiser or the person handling/created the event, the user should make good judgment when or while interacting with other mingles/connections.
2.0 Abusive Behavior

We strongly believe in freedom of expression and sharing healthy relations, we encourage you to maintain the culture while your interactions on the mingle board platform. In order to make sure that people feel safe while expressing diverse content and enjoy freedom at no cost; we prohibit any behaviour that crosses the line into abuse, including behaviour that harasses, intimidates or uses fear to silent anther’s voice.

While determining appropriate enforcement actions and evaluating for abusive behaviour, the context matters. Factors we might take into consideration include, but are not limited to whether:

  • The behaviour is strictly pointed at an individual or targeted to any group of people;
  • The report has been filled by the target of the bystander or the abuse;
  • The behaviour is newsworthy and it has legitimate public interest.
2.1 Violence and physical harm
  • Violence: You must not make any specific, direct or indirect threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, disease or death of an individual or a people or group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, promoting terrorism or threatening. You can not create or host such events related to protest against any violence or political rally, which can lead people into a dangerous situation. In an unfortunate case happens, the creator of such event along with participants cannot blame MingleBoard app of the creators of MingleBoard. You may not affiliate with organizations that; whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the MingleBoard app.
  • Self-harm and Suicide: You can not promote or encourage suicide or self-harm. Comments or events promoting such content cannot be held or created on or under MingleBoard app services. He supports healthy relations and aims to empower people with mental health and knowledge.
  • Harmful visuals and names: You are not likely to use hateful images and symbols as a part of your profile image or profile header. You also may not use your username, or introduction or interests to engage in abusive behaviour, that particular point an individual, group or a protected interest category.
2.3 Private information and media

You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their permission and authorization. Definitions of private information may vary depending on local laws. See Private Information Policy for more.

You may not post or share intimate photos or videos or someone that was produced or randomly distributed without their consent. Media depicting sexual violence and/or assault is strictly not permitted.

Any kind of threats: Any kind of threats includes but not limited to expose or hacking. You may not threaten to expose anyone for their private information or data or media. You also may not threaten to hack or break into someone’s digital information or attempt to incentivize others to do so (for example through setting a bounty or reward on such actions.)

2.4 Impersonation

You may not impersonate individual, organization or any group in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse or deceive other users. In case you have authority to represent any group or company or individual fan base account, you are not likely to violate any liability policy of the respective person, people, group or organization you represent. We may take action against you, in case you are using such accounts to engage in spamming or abusive behaviour.

Note: We review impersonation claims upon receipt of a valid impersonation report. We do not actively monitor any user content particularly

However, the accounts with similar username or that are similar in appearance (e.g. Same username, same profile image) do not automatically violate the impersonation rule or MingleBoard. In order to violate the rule of impersonation, the account or the user must portray another entity in a misleading or deceptive manner. Such an account(s) will be removed if:

  • The user share your name but has no other commonalities; or
  • The profile clearly states it is not affiliated with a connection to any similarity-named individuals or brands.
  • If you are the impersonated or an authorised representative, you can file an impersonation report. If you believe the account(s) is impersonating somebody else and creating confusion.

Note: Submitting a report with incomplete information will delay the processing of the report.

3.0 Harmful Content, Spam and Security

We strive to protect people on MingleBoard from technical abuse and spam. Any accounts engaging in the following activities may be temporarily locked and/or blocked or subject to permanent suspension.

  • 3.0 (A) Malware

    You may not publish or link to malicious content, visuals intended to damage or disrupt another person’s browser or any end-device or to compromise a person’s privacy

  • 3.0 (B) Fake accounts

    You may not register or create fake and misleading accounts. However, you may use MingleBoard pseudonymously or as a parody, commentary or fan account approved by authorised and respective bodies or person or group. You are certainly not allowed to use misleading account information in order to engage in spamming, abusive or disruptive behaviour, including the attempts to manipulate the engagements and conversations on MingleBoard.

  • 3.0 (c) Harmful & Spam Content:

    You may not use MingleBoard’s services for the purpose of spamming anyone or spreading Harmful Content. Spam is generally defined on MingleBoard as bulk or aggressive activities or fake creation of events/groups/interests to manipulate or disrupt MingleBoard or the experience of users on MingleBoard to drive traffic or attention to unrelated accounts, products, services or initiatives. Some of the other factors that we take into account, but not limited to while determining what conduct is considered to be spamming or harmful content, include:

    • If you have sent a connection request or deleted users from the connection in terms of a huge number in the shortest time period, particularly by automated means (Aggressive connection/mingle);
    • If your mingles/post/events or Direct messages consists of many links shared without any kind of commentary;
    • If a large number of people have reported you as spam and blocked you a MingleBoard user connection in response to high volumes of untargeted, unsolicited, or duplicative content or engagements from you/your account;
    • A large number of people reported you or commented about your abusive, harmful and hurtful behaviour.
    • If you repeatedly create any event/content that hurt or harmful to people of certain demographics; (Harmful or in oppose to their culture or tradition)
    • In case repeatedly you create an event that may lead to physical or mental violence, (e.g. political party rally, protest)
    • In case you create an event that spread hate and gender discrimination, or cultural or traditional discrimination.
    • In case you repeatedly create fake events in order to draw traffic in order to gain false popularity.
    • In case you share misleading, deceptive, or malicious links (e.g., affiliate links, links to malware/clickjacking pages, etc.);
    • In case you create or use any brand name, a logo to create a sponsored event without any kind of authority form authorised partner, Brand, company or individual.
    • Accounts created to replace or mimic suspended accounts may be permanently suspended. We may also delete/remove accounts which MingleBoard is able to reliably attribute to entities known to violate the MingleBoard rules.
3.1 Content Visibility

Accounts under investigation or which have been detected as sharing content in violation of these Rules may have their account or Mingle/Post visibility limited in various parts of MingleBoard, including search.

Report security vulnerabilities

This sections how security experts and developers can report vulnerabilities in the MingleBoard service. If you need help with your personal account, file a report with us.

We welcome reports from security experts, researchers, and developers about possible security vulnerabilities with our app services. We are particularly looking forward to hearing about vulnerabilities which may impact the confidentiality or integrity of user information or systems and have the potential to impact a huge number of people.

If you believe you have discovered a possible vulnerability in the MingleBoard service, please file a report with security team including information and detailed instructions about how to reproduce the issue.

Note: If you are researching security issues, please test against accounts you control, and use a MingleBoard account with protected Mingles/Posts/events to avoid disclosing details about the issue publicly.

4.0 Disclaimers and limitations of liability

(Please read this section carefully as it limits the liability of the MingleBoard entities to you.)

MingleBoard Entities means Kunsh Technologies and any subsidiaries, affiliations, suppliers, licensors, partners, officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives of each of them. Each provision below applies to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law.

  • We provide the MingleBoard app to you and to the millions of other users across the world, along with our content, user guide and material, and also the opportunity to connect millions with one another, on an ‘as in’ and ‘as available’ basis, without warranty of any kind, implied or express. Without any limitations on the foregoing, MingleBoard entities expressly disclaim any and all warranties and conditions of merchantability, title, uninterrupted or error-free services, accuracy or completeness, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, quiet enjoyment, and any warranties arising out of dealing or trade usage.
  • We, as a creator of MingleBoard app, make no promises with respect to, and expressly disclaim any or all for:
    • Content posted by any individual user, a third party or group;
    • The quality of any third-party you encounter in connection with your use of MingleBoard app; or
    • Any unauthorised access, use or alteration of your content, MingleBoard makes no warranty that:
      • The MingleBoard app will meet or fulfil all or any of your requirements;
      • The MingleBoard app will be uninterrupted, secure or completely error-free;
      • The results or information or data that you may read or obtain from the use of the MingleBoard app, from anyone will be accurate or completely reliable; or
      • The Quality of any products, information, services, events or other material belongs to MingleBoard or refers to MingleBard app will be satisfactory.
    • Users are solely responsible for the content, which means any information, contact details, material, shared links or other content posted to Mingleboard. Your content must not violate our Terms of Service, followed by other Policies, Rules and regulations. Your content is subject to the Intellectual Property Dispute Policies.
    • We do not own any post or content that you upload (Included: Message, Images, Location etc). However, with login and agreeing our data policy you provide us licence to use the content in order to operate, promote, improve and protect Mingleboard for the benefit of you and other users.
    • We do not take any responsibility for post or content that other members post or communicate in private messages or via public feed using Mingleboard. We do randomly curate the content and take appropriate action on objectionable and inappropriate content. However, we actively do not review Content before it is posted. In case, you see any content that is inappropriate, abusive, related to any kind of harassment, falsify facts or violates our Terms of Service, you are encouraged to report or contact us with the issue.
    • You must agree that to the maximum extent permitted by Law and MingleBoard entities will not be liable to you under all or any theory of liability. Without limiting the foregoing, the user agrees that to the maximum extent permitted by law, MingleBoard entities specifically will not be liable for any indirect, consequential, identical, special or exemplary damages, profit-loss, business interruption or the loss of data ( even if we as a creator of mingleBoard app have been advised of the possibility of such damages or such damages are foreseeable) arising out of or in any way connected with your use or inability to use the MingleBoard app.
    • Your sole remedy for any kind of dissatisfaction with Mingleboard App is to stop using the MingleBoard app.
    • Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties or exclusion of liability for certain types of damages. It partially or completely depends on the laws of the respective country or city of the country; where the MingleBoard app is available.